About Us

About Us

         In the year 2000 my husband and I, with our two kids immigrated to the United States of America from Guatemala. Coming from a family of bright individuals who believe in dreaming big, I dreamt of one day having the opportunity to express my artistic talent of creating art work. After 15 long years, my dreams are now a reality through my company "Miracle Hands". I am now able to combine my love for fragrances, candles and ceramics into beautiful pieces of art. These aromatic candles rest in unique clay container, each individually handcrafted, glazed and a speak peak into  Guatemala's rich cultural heritage of ceramics.

      Every container is hand carved and embellished with intricate designs and is a small work of art in itself. When filled with premium wax and exquisite fragrances, the finish product comes to your home or work places as exquisite, high-end artistic expressions - completely nurtured with loving hands from start to finish.

      My passion  for creating candles and ceramics led me to test many different materials and brands of clay, wax, and fragrances until I decided to blend the three mediums together. The result was my true calling -  my own unique style of handmade candles in special hand carved containers. After experimenting with different formulas of wax and essential oils, I found the perfect and most natural solution, soy wax.  The soy wax allows the candles to stay lit and fresh for a longer period of time. Compared to other waxes, when lit, soy wax releases clean smoke and conserves the candles fragrance. Not only is soy wax a great quality materials, but it is also a completely natural and environmentally friendly because it is free from chemicals and dyes.


        The way we combine our original handcrafted containers with our all natural candles made from soy wax and essential oils set us apart from our competition. Additionally, the handmade components makes every candle and ceramic an utterly unique art piece for decor. The products not only bring people the joys of aromatherapy, but also appeal to those who value handmade products and seek to decorate their homes with exceptional artwork. The ceramic containers are expected and created to have an after-life and can be enjoyed for artistry beyond the life of the candle.

         I love the process of personally developing the design for each and every candle and container. I am sure that, like me, others will enjoy these beautiful handcrafted candles and the benefits of aromatherapy in any setting.

Artist Statement

My name is Maritza Garcia, I am the Artisan Founder of "Miracle Hands" Candles. The youngest daughter from a family of eight, I am an artisan from Guatemala, a country with a cast cultural heritage. Handmade products are extremely important and popular part of our culture.

           I started learning many handmade art forms from the age of eight. I learned crocheting, tricot, macrame, embroidery on fabric, pottery, candle-making, cooking baking, musical instruments and much more. I credit my Godmother, who introduced me to many free classes for women offered in our small hometown of Coban, Guatemala. These classes were offered through the Technical Institute of Training and Productivity (INTECAP), a Government institution.

         I was a very active child, constantly striving to improve myself and always strived to do my best. Till this day nothing has changed, I still love to challenge myself, and constantly work on self-development. My positive and upbeat attitude helps me persevere with my dreams.

          I continually tell my children, "No matter how little or how much you do, it must be done well and with passion".

      I have always dreamt of doing something that reflected my passion, and my passion is candles. I am living my dream today.  

            I love to show people the catalog of my products and my website because I know they will enjoy my small works of art and share it with their friends and family. 

               I have already created some souvenirs for a Best Selling language book on Amazon, as well as for several museums in Washington, DC.  


          Miracle Hands is not just a candle company. Each handmade and hand-sculpted with intricate, original designs. The candles themselves are therapeutic, containing only natural soy wax and essential oils.  


     "Miracle Hands" Mission is the manufacture and sale of high-end handmade candles in unique and intricately designed handcrafted containers. The candles in their artistic containers come in different designs, styles, sizes, color and aromas, with high quality local materials ensuring their exclusivity. The products are handmade and manufactured in America from start to finish. 

Social Mission

     "Miracle Hands" has embraces a social mission to honor the beauty and artistry of the handmade marketplace. The mission also aims to use sustainable, eco-friendly, and high quality products and raw materials made in America, while creating job opportunities with a fair wage and positive environment in the USA.